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Post  Doc_Shane on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:30 am

So if you were to put together your own version of the M4 SOPMOD kit what would you include?

For me-

LMT Defender M4
Carry handle sight
C-More Tactical red dot sight
4x30 Scope on carry handle mount
Blackhawk quadrail
2 point sling

Other items I am considering-

Surefire Scout weapons light with IR filter
ATN Gen III night vision scope
OBAL Laser/IR unit

I like having lowlight capability and sadly my current setup is not geared towards night time use.

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Post  andrew jackson on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:18 pm

Skip atn and talk to tnvc. I got a commercial spec pvs-14 from them for 2500 bucks. It is better than my issues unit! Then pair that with an ITAL and your going to be happy. I am convinced I could throw the ital against a wall and it will still function, built like a tank and I trust it more than my issued peq16.

Lmt is good but make sure you don't get screwed with their semi auto bcg and carbine buffer. I love the Sopmod stock.

Also, check out magpuls afg. I've learned that the vertical grip is antiquated and the afg gives a real advantage. I got called a gear queer last deployment for using it but I swear I made several fans of the afg over the last year.

To tell the truth though with the at platform I prefer an m16 style weapon. I have actually sold two m4 style at weapons so I can pimp my m16 build. Can we say ACOG!

andrew jackson
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